Tuesday, April 14, 2009

getting away with murder

i generally don't think about religion much, because i know that if i start thinking, i won't be able to stop. i spent about four years trying to wind my head around it all, then decided it was only depressing me. i've always been a quick learner. but anyway. sometimes i wonder, what if there is a god, and what if he really is as judgemental as we're told? i'm of the disposition that if he didn't want me this way, he wouldn't have made me this way, but what if? and if he did make us all, it must have been a labour of love because when i play the sims it's fun for a few hours before it just gets annoying and boring. even if you turn off free will they still ignore my commands! ...anyway. what if i'm going to be met at the pearly gates by disapproving frowns and that sort of thing. i've committed sins considered mortal by the bible, and entirely socially acceptable in today's world. i need to get my arse into a confessional.

Monday, April 13, 2009


i wish i knew quite what you made of me, but for now im happy just knowing what i make of you, and not telling you. i also hate you. you stupid boy.