Sunday, November 1, 2009


there is a galaxy of stars exploding in my chest
i think i would be happy, were it not for my agony
there is a rainbow piercing my soul
your light is blinding the world.

it's so dark, so desolate, so airy
a breeze
a zephyr pressurises my head
my skull is caving in
a breeze is gently ripping me to pieces
you're so far away in the tiny world
i'm so high up, the wind whipping around me
around the stars
the tiny pinprick of the green earth sits so still in the distance
i dance further away from you.
it's so real, oh please, it's too real
i wish i could wake up, i wish it would go away,
i wish this wasn't real but everywhere i go it haunts me
i will never forget, i can't, i don't want to,
i want you to haunt me
i need you back so badly
i cannot breathe without you,
your casket sits on my chest but you're not inside
not a whisp of you
where are you?
the world cannot possibly exist without you
it is so irrevocably depopulated
i'm looking for you, i will always be looking for you
for your smell
i miss you so much, where are you?
because i know you can't be gone
i don't believe that you're gone
you can't have descended into nothing
when you were so much
that can't have just disappeared
i want to open my eyes but i'm so far under.

come back

i miss you. why can't we drop out of school and college and run away together into the sunset and live under a rainbow?

there's something massive trapped inside of me
something the whole world needs to hear
it's inside me but it's so far away
it's clawing its way out
it's ripping me to shreds
but it's okay, i'm waiting to be relieved
to finally birth this monster
to set it upon the world
i'm sorry but you all need to know
there's a huge something ripping its way from my belly
from the cavernous depths of hell
the warm, safe, soundless depths of hell
it's my duty to die for a truth no-one wants to hear.