Saturday, April 24, 2010

A lightless Earth meets a starless sky
When the snow ceases
And I wander the world
In search of inspiration.

In Blue

in blue
the world fades
the pallid light
you glow, beautiful
i turn away.

Oh no.

Drowned in the warm soft rain
I've always wished that I was all alone
I've always wished that you were on my own.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be found
I wonder if I was ever lost in the first place
It would be so easy to say I was never lost in the first place
I think you need to blow me away.
Slowly, surely, I think you're doing just that
You're creeping up on me and I'm spiralling.

I can't show anyone my world.


Your eyes are oceans full of diamonds
And love, and sadness,
Your body is so vivid to me
The body of a god
Your cheeks are so rosy and full of life
I adore you.
You are so alive!
Your hands approach every task with certainty
And confidence
With immense power
But impossibly gentle
And loving.
Your smile so bright and easy
And you love me.