Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A fascinating post about my hair

I'm growing it to terminal length. Basically, I'm going to grow it until it will grow no more. I imagine that will be about knee-length.
Now this may not be so easy seeing as I cannot restrain myself from bleaching my black hair blonde, but I have devised a plan! (Cue boring hair plan).
I've decided to only bleach my roots twice a year, and to only get it done in a stupidly expensive salon. It looks weird and it costs a lot but it's worth it because I like having blonde hair and because the condition of it is so good when it's done this way. Besides, some boys recently told me that they "like the black" and also I don't want to grow out my natural colour because that would mean cutting my hair to two inches long and starting over. By the way, I discovered that not bleaching my roots for six months was good for my hair through pure poverty.
Next, I've decided to reduce how often I wash my hair. Normally, I washed my hair every second day, but I've reduced it to every third or fourth day, depending on what I'm doing. I've also started using coconut oil in my hair for a few hours before I wash it. It comes in a jar, hard, so you just dig it out and rub it in your hands to melt it, then put it in your hair.
When I'm washing my hair, I put conditioner in before I shampoo it, and I don't rinse it out. I then shampoo the roots only, I don't pile my hair on top of my head. I rinse it all out normally and then condition as normal. I leave the conditioner on while I complete my showerly duties and rinse it out at the end. Just before I get out I rub a pea-sized dot of conditioner all over my palms and put it through my hair, I don't rinse this out.
When I get out of the shower I don't towel-dry my hair because this roughs it up and leaves it frizzy because it's so delicate. I just put a towel around my shoulders and let it drip dry.
Finally, and most importantly, I've given up heat of any kind - no blow-drying and definitely no straightening. I'll let myself straighten/curl for special occasions though.
I've only been doing this for a week and already my frizzy, dead, bleached hair is soft and shiny so hopefully it will stop breaking off at the ends and GROW!