Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Wholesome Night With the Twins

We went to the twins' house. Ellie and Koren. We intended to go out, but we didn't. Here are a load of pictures!

Mark looking nadorable.

Mark explains the intricacies of Aldi 7up.

You can see how enthralled Ellie is.

Koren objects,

but Mark and Ellie find her point absurd, laughable even.

In other news, here's my Doc Marten boot, which Mark is high-fiving.

I enjoy Koren as a photographic subject.

I love Ellie's hair, it's long and flowing and carefree. I want mine to be like this.

Here's a picture of me looking like an alien.

This is Áine, say hello :)

Here's Aisling. She's so casual about everything.

Mark and I :D

Blame it on the boogie.


Áine and Koren.

This is Grylls.

Mark and Ellie, always with your tomfoolery.

This is a great picture, Mark is telling his drink to shush.

Here's me. Lol.

Áine feels passionate about something.

This is my favourite picture ever, in the world, ever. It's Ellie making the face of the Annoying Facebook Girl meme.

Another alien picture. I'm weird.

I think Mark may have just beaten Ellie.

Ellie dances.

Aisling approves.

And then there was the morning after...

...and then we relocated to Mark's house and did it all again.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Hellfire Club

We climbed up Monpelier Hill (felt more like a mountain, in all seriousness) to the Hellfire Club. It's supposed to be one of the most haunted places in Ireland and it was very creepy actually, I was so scared to go inside. It has a seriously creepy history, whether you believe in the supernatural or not. The Club building was first built in the eighteenth century as a hunting lodge on the site of a prehistoric passage grave.

This is the road we climbed up, it's way steeper than it looks lol. I was sweating like a pig haha.


The building became notorious when the Irish Hellfire Club began using it as a meeting place. These were fairly creepy guys. They got up to a load of debauchery in there but they were mostly doing occult stuff in there, scary shit. The president of the Hellfire Club was 'Burn-Chapel' Whaley, a descendant of Oliver Cromwell who had a reputation for burning down Catholic churches. Accounts of the club's meetings say that they left a chair vacant for the devil - yikes!

Here's the view from about halfway up the mountain. We almost turned back at this stage because we were really tired and weren't even sure we'd find the club - there were numerous tracks on the mountain and no signposts!


Things supposed to have taken place at the club include black masses where they sacrificed animals and even a human dwarf. Further down the hill a small skeleton was found beneath a house - that of a child or the sacrificed dwarf? Creepy :(

We had to stop for a rest/camwhoring oppurtunity.


Anyway at some point the buliding was damaged by fire. Some say this was done on purpose by the members to give it a more Hellish appearance. Another story claims that someone accidently spilled whiskey on 'Burn-Chapel' Whaley and he responded by dousing them in whiskey and setting him alight, the fire spreading to the building.

What you see below me in this photo is Dublin city and the plains of Kildare and Meath. Pretty impressive, I think!


According to one story, the members kidnapped, murdered and ate a farmer's daughter. The Club disbanded in the year 1800.

Okay let's end the suspense. Here I am having finally arrived at the club.

Hellfire Club

I can't believe I climbed a mountain in a denim skirt, woolly tights and Ugg boots. I was dying of heat, uncomfiness and sore feet. Okay, let me explain. I knew that the Hellfire Club was in the Dublin mountains, but I thought you could drive up to it. Stupid maybe but that's what I thought! It wasn't that bad though and I felt good for exercising, even if I cancelled it out by going for McDonald's afterward.

I tried to take a photo of the amazing scenery at the summit but Mark photobombed it.


Here's Mark in front of the Club. Originally the entrance was on the first floor, accessed by a wooden staircase. We walked around the building outside for ages, psyching ourselves up to go in. Even walking up to the building was weird because the mountain was covered in forest but all the trees surrounding the club were dead. Eek!


We eventually did go in. This is a picture of the staircase you see when you walk in the downstairs entrance. It's a horrible, blurry photo but I just want to show you how much my hands were shaking!


The building was very creepy in that it was really dank, dark and a damp. We didn't see or hear any ghostly goings on though, I don't know whether I'm disappointed or relieved!!

Here's proof that we not only went into the building but we also went upstairs!


Once we were inside it wasn't that scary, maybe our eyes adjusted and it didn't seem so dark. Here's some more pictures from inside, the fireplaces and looking up out the window in the arch. *Shudder* It's pretty horrific to think of what happened in those very rooms!

Downstairs fireplace

Upstairs fireplace


Okay, now it's time to trek back down the mountain. One last photo before we go. You can tell how relieved I am by my face! I love this photo of us, I think we look quite sweet ^_^

Sweetie pies :D

The long road down. Again, this was waaay steeper than it looks here!


On the way back down we found this. I didn't know what it was and Mark had to explain that it was frogspawn. I had never seen frogspawn before! I thought it was so cool that I had to take a picture!


When we finally got to the bottom we went driving around the mountains. Cue camwhoring in the car.


Here's what we were listening to, turn it on for the full effect!

Florence and the Machine is amazing. I love her album 'Lungs'. We drove really high up into the mountains. We stopped to take pics, here's one of Marky.


There was a sheep in the road. We tried to get a picture of him but he ran away. Here's his bum for your enjoyment.


Here's the long, winding road down.


It looks so lovely. After this we headed to Bray and got McDonald's, then we went home. Lovely day :) Goodnight!