Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pictures of Mark and I Eating

I know, I love myself too. I have been working on some poetry lately, due to the growing rash of misery on my body, but I just hate it too much to show you. The good news is that I'll probably go back to my old self fairly soon. Right now though, I'm going to show you pictures of the night we went out for dinner in a Thai restaurant.

I honestly have no idea where my life is going.

Oh God, this is really hard because I'm in one of those moods where I think I'm ugly in every single picture ever taken of me.

Oh well, here comes the camwhore.

My favourite photos of myself are always the ones where I look five.

I love taking photos of Mark. He's so adorable and gorgeous and you can't get him to sit still for five seconds so you get some really great expression shots. You can see why I write stories about him.

This was the closest to getting him to stay still but you can still see his lip twitching.

Oh and it was around this time that I started learning how to Photoshop stuff. Well, how to use GIMP, because I'm poor. This was the first picture where I properly shopped the whole thing, you can see the difference between the before and after (even though they aren't the exact same picture). I think it's really good for a first attempt! I especially like the awesome job I did whitening my teeth. Mark, unlike me, is beautiful and doesn't need to be shopped.

All this happened before we even left the house. I always feel embarrassed taking photos in public even though everyone does it! That's why there aren't many after now. That's a fear I really need to get over.

I think we're a really cute couple even if I am a hose beast. His gorgeousity balances out my -ness.

Okay I'm pretty cute in the photo below so I'm leaving it.

Mark has this little problem where his phone somehow got surgically attached to his hand. It pops out at really inoppurtune moments at times so if anyone has any idea how to deal with this please feel free to contribute.

Although at this time it was reasonable as he was looking up on the internet how to use chopsticks so we'd look cultured.

Then our starter came. It looks scrumptious in this nicely edited photo doesn't it?

Here's Mark drinking beer for your viewing pleasure.

And here's my main course, it was duck of some description, I started eating it before I remembered that I wanted to take a photo of it.

Updates? I'm going to DCU in September to do Multimedia. I'm dying my hair some Bedlam colour because who am I kidding, nobody is going to hire me anyway. I'm working on averting my overwhelming apathy and starting my own computer repair business. I need tax and insurance for my car and I'm poor. Have I mentioned before that I'm poor? Sigh. Please guys, hurry up with the Nobel prize so I can get on with my life.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Heart Attack Grill

This is awesome. I really want to go here!

"No More Yo-Yo Effect! Doctors agree that continually cycling body weight up and down is one of the very worst things a person can do to themselves. That's why our program is focused upon keeping your weight in an extremely stable, gradual and constant upward slope."

I really want to try this just for the experience. Plus if you're over 350 lbs you eat free! Perfect for me... Joke. I obviously do not weight that much. The food offered includes the Quadruple Bypass Burger, Flatliner Fries, the Butterfat Shake and no-filter cigarettes. According to the Wikipedia article, the Quadruple Bypass Burger packs up to 8,000 calories. The Heart Attack Grill was founded in 2005 by Jon Basso with the declared intent of serving "nutritional pornography."

While this is clearly tongue-in-cheek I can see people getting irate at this restaurant promoting obesity. Sidenote: Look at the fitties working there!