Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Make-Up Tutorial: Naked Palette Gold and Brown

I'm addicted to Urban Decay eyeshadow. I've actually had the Naked Palette for over a year now and I will never get bored of it. It has everything I need. Normally I never wore gold colours as I didn't think they suited my skin tone but I decided to step out of my comfort zone. I think with my new red hair it doesn't make my skin tone look weird any more.

By the way, I apologise for my crappy pictures. I intend to buy a sexy DSLR next month, so if you have any suggestions or advice of which one I should buy, please let me know. There's so much choice and I don't know where to start looking.

On my face, I used: 
  • IsaDora High Performance All-Day Foundation in 01 Rose Beige (I don't like this foundation, it goes blotchy on me)
  • Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat
  • IsaDora Perfect Powder Rouge in 43 Rosy Dawn
  • The brown eyeshadow from the Victoria Jackson Baby Doll Colour Kit, which doesn't seem to have a name! Used for contouring under cheekbones and at temples.
  • L'Oreal Glam Shine Holographic Liquid Lip Colour in 82 Gold Cappucino
On my eyes, I used:

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Victoria Jackson Eyeshadow Stick in Champagne
  • Urban Decay Sin
  • UD Virgin
  • UD Naked
  • UD Buck
  • UD Half Baked
  • UD Hustle
  • Victoria Jackson Eyeshadow Stick in Black
  • UD Creep
  • Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara
You of course don't have to have these exact colours to recreate this look, any similar colours will do just fine, and if you don't want to use every colour or do every step, you don't have to - it will still turn out nice.

1. Start by priming your eyelids and underneath your eyes using UD Primer Potion. Then, apply the Champagne Eyeshadow Stick all over your eyelids and all the way up to your eyebrows. Blend a little with your ring finger, especially at the inner and outer corners.

2. Using a fluffy blending brush, apply Sin all over the eyelids and all the way up to the brow bone.

For the sake of the photos, I filled in my eyebrows before I started, using the Victoria Jackson brown mixed with Hustle. Normally I would leave this till my eyeshadow is finished, before applying mascara.

3. Next, use Virgin to highlight the inner corner of the eyes and on the brow bone.

4. Apply Naked just on the eyelids themselves.

5. Switching to a flat eyeshadow brush, apply Half Baked on the eyelids. Really pack it on, focusing on the centre of your eyelids, above where the pupil is.

6. Apply Buck to the outer-V and into the crease of your eyelid.

7. Apply Hustle to the outer-V and crease, and along the bottom lashline. Blend blend blend.

8. Touch up your Virgin highlight. Line your eyes, top and bottom, with a crayon or pencil eyeliner. I used Victoria Jackson Black Eyeshadow Stick. Then, for staying power, go over it with a black eyeshadow like Creep and an angled brush. Curl your lashes, apply lashings of mascara, and camwhore.

If you're like me, you'll want to take pictures of yourself and then make them look vintage using Pixlr-O-Matic.

And I just wanted to put this pic up cause I'm really happy with it. I was just testing the camera didn't even have any eye make-up on and I think it looks NAYSE.

I really hope you liked my first tutorial, and if you have any comments, suggestions or (constructive) criticism please leave a comment!

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