Friday, March 30, 2012

Tutorial: How to Put In Extensions

Today I'll tell you how to put in extensions, since I get asked this fairly often. I use extensions to add length but they're also a great way to add volume if that's what you want. By the way, this is my hundreth blog post, wahey! Enjoy :D

1. Decide how many sections to divide your hair into. I'm dividing mine into four. Tie up the top three sections, leaving only a thin section along the nape of the neck.

2. Take a strip of your extensions and open the clips. My extensions are colored light red and dark red. It's been a while since I last colored my hair, so I'm putting the dark red ones underneath and the light red ones on top. Love my sexy makeupless face :P

3. Put the clips right up to the part in your hair and snap them shut, shutting the middle one first. If your hair is freshly washed or very fine, you'll need to backcomb along the part first to provide grip and stop the clips from slipping out.

4. Divide your hair into another section. This time I part it from ear to ear. Take the next section of extensions and apply it just the same.


5. Next, I make a part in line with the arches of my eyebrows. This is just the way I always do it! You probably have your own system for dividing your hair :)

6. This part is going to cover a greater area than the first two, so we're going to use two extension strips (and I'm going to use my first light red one).

7. Start by clipping the first strip in beginning at your left ear, and clipping round to the back of your head.

8. The next strip should be started at your right ear and clipped round to the back of your head in the same way. They'll probably overlap slightly and this is fine.

9. The last section we make is around the top of your head, leaving about an inch of your own hair to cover the extension tracks (depending on how thick your hair is). I'm only making it on one side as I have a side parting and my hair is naturally thicker on this side.

10. The extensions I'm using now are small sections on just one clip. I'll be using six of these.

11. I'll be using four on my left side (the side with the parting) and two on my right side.

Here's the finished product!

BUT it doesn't look that natural, especially not from the back. Lots of people can get away with just putting extensions in like this, but my hair is very thick and because I dye it, it's constantly changing colour.

So what do? Pin the front strands back. Pin them back with bobby pins or take a big fat bow like I did and pin them back. This makes the distinction between your natural hair and the extensions less obvious, plus it looks pretty.

Hope you liked my first proper hair tutorial!

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