Friday, March 30, 2012

What's On Your Nightstand?

This is my college bedside table in Dublin. Pretty much the same stuff is on my home one in Roscommon though, only it looks prettier!

1. My DCU Student Diary and Planner. I have the need to write absolutely everything down, and this is where it all goes. Without this I don't know how I'd organise my overflowing social life... Hehe.

2. I always read before I go to sleep. Currently I'm reading Club Dead by Charlaine Harris... Yes, that's a DCU library sticker. What did you think I'm gonna use the university library for? Academic books? Pfft.

3. Lip balm, currently Roc Sun Stick, but my lip balms are constantly rotating between my room and my hand bag. Pretty funny cause my lips don't see the sun in bed. I love this though it's really silky.

4. Bach White Chestnut stuff. Helps me sleep when my brain won't 'switch off'.

5. Obligatory ugly studenty lamp lol.

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